Research Thrust on:

 Energy Smart Grids

Introduction: Research Thrust on Energy Smart Grids is devoted to the front end innovations on smart grids, smart home and smart cities, especially focused on reliability, resiliency, self-healing and demand side management issues.

Ongoing Project: Project: The main stream projects at the Research Thrust on Energy Smart Grids are on reliability and resiliency improvements. The reliability-related projects are themselves divided into two main subgroups: decreasing the failure rates (asset management techniques) and increasing the restoration rate (automation, restoration or self-healing). Another line of research is related to NanoGrids and Smart Home, for energy management and resiliency improvement. Furthermore, transactive energy and the other emerging concepts in advanced operations are also studied in this Thrust.

Research Areas: Smart Grid, Distribution Systems Reliability and Resiliency, Distribution Automation, Self-healing, Demand Side Management